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Available Ice
Coaches, Schedulers, Managers: The CHC State Tournaments that...
SaniSport Machine
With the recent flu epidemic and the spread of the influenza virus,...
CCYHA Travel Hockey Tryouts for 2018-2019
Central CT Youth Hockey 2018-2019 Tryout Registration for Travel...
CCYHA Bantam Pre Tryout Skills
Due to a USA Hockey rule, bantam (u14) tryouts cannot start until...
CT Werewolves Spring Hockey
See below regarding CT Werewolves spring hockey. This is not affiliated...
CCYHA Selects @ South Kent Tryouts for u18, u16 and 15
This April, South Kent School is holding tryouts for our U18, U16,...
Jingle Bell Recap
Mite A: The Mite A team had a great time at the tournament with...
EJEPL All Stars
CCYHA would like to congratulate Dylan Rovetti (PeeWee A) and Owen...
CCYHA / West Hartford Girls Hockey (Capital Wolves)
We are incredibly excited about the first season of the Capital...
Former CCYHA player, Dakota McMahon, commits to D1 Sacred Heart
Congratulations to former CCYHA player, Dakota McMahon, on her recent...
Future Fitness RockFit Bootcamp at Newington Arena
Attention: Central Youth Hockey Parents! RockFit Bootcamp...
CCYHA PW B1 runner up at Avon Thanksgiving Tournament
Congratulations to our CCYHA PeeWee B1 team on finishing runner up...
CCYHA Bantam B featured on Gotta Love CT Hockey
The Central CT Capitals Bantam B team was featured on the lastest...
CCYHA PW A makes donation to Hurricane Relief
The CCYHA PeeWee A team has been holding several fundraising events...
2017 CCYHA 3v3 Pond Hockey Turkey Shootout
The 6th annual CCYHA 3 vs 3 Pond Hockey Turkey Shootout was a huge...
CCYHA SHA Tier 1 U15 & U16 New Regional Champions
The CCYHA Selects Hockey Academy at South Kent Tier 1 U15 and U16...
Live Barn - CCYHA Discount Code
Capitals Families, You can watch games Live and On Demand with LiveBarn! In...
USA Hockey Rule Changes for 2017-2018
Some very important rule changes have been accepted for the 2017-2018...
Presidents Welcome Letter 2017-2018
President’s Welcome Letter – 2017-2018 CCYHA Season Hello,...
Available Ice

Coaches, Schedulers, Managers:

The CHC State Tournaments that we are hosting have been added to our CCYHA schedule. Learn to Play and House League have already been assigned ice. The following ice slots are available for any team that would like them:


Saturday 3/10 & Sunday 3/11 - All teams have been given ice. For those teams playing in a tournament this weekend, we can set your ice to open once you get your schedule


Sunday 3/18 @ 1:05pm-2:05pm on Red


Please log onto our site and claim any that you would like to your team.

by posted 02/22/2018
SaniSport Machine

With the recent flu epidemic and the spread of the influenza virus, we are taking every step possible to control the spread of this through our organization. Along with all the steps that we previously outlined to minimize the spreading (no shaking hands, bring you own water bottles, etc...) we are taking this one step further by providing a SaniSport machine to our members to sanitize equipment.

The sanitizing machine trusted by more than 55 professional sports teams and more than 165 military and law enforcement agencies to significantly reduce bacteria and foul odors from their protective equipment.


  • Short 12 minute cycle using our patented ozone process
  • Large cabinet can fit an entire bag of equipment at once
  • Easy to operate. Simply place the protective gear on the shelves and press the cycle button
  • 100% stainless steel
  • No water, drains or hookups. Equipment comes out dry
  • All items can be placed in machine

We will have further information soon regarding the availability of the machine to our members.


by posted 02/20/2018
CCYHA Travel Hockey Tryouts for 2018-2019

Central CT Youth Hockey 2018-2019 Tryout Registration for Travel Teams

The registration system has been set up for travel team tryouts for the 2018-2019 season.  Any player who is trying out for travel hockey is required to register for tryouts. The tryout schedule has been posted under the tryout tab on our website.  TRYOUT REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE ON SUNDAY MARCH 18th.  The tryout fee of $100.00 is due at the time of online registration.

Players will be split into groups and attend three tryout sessions (except for u8 mites). Players must attend the tryout times assigned to them. All Mites will attend the same session, Squirts through Bantams will be split by last name; A-L and M-Z for first tryout (no switching times allowed).  After the first tryout, all players will be split into 2 groups (not alphabetically) and must come to the tryout time they are assigned to. The updated list will be found on the Central web site after each tryout under the tryout tab.

Players who plan on participating in house league, advanced mites, or learn to play next season do not attend travel team tryouts.

Please follow the link below to register for tryouts:

You could also access the tryout registration by selecting Register Online from the left hand column menu on the main page of the Central website ( )


Tryout dates and times are listed below

Central CT Youth Hockey 2018-2019 Tryout Dates and Times for Travel Teams

All goalies are asked to report to both alphabetical groups for the first sessions for your age group.

Day Date Start Finish Rink Birth Year Group
Mon 19-Mar 5:30 PM 6:30 PM Red 08 & 09 Cap Wolves (u10)
Mon 19-Mar 6:40 PM 7:40 PM Red 06 & 07 Cap Wolves (u12)
Tue 20-Mar 5:30 PM 6:30 PM Red 08 & 09 Cap Wolves (u10)
Tue 20-Mar 6:40 PM 7:40 PM Red 06 & 07 Cap Wolves (u12)
Wed 21-Mar 5:30 PM 6:30 PM Red 08 & 09 Cap Wolves (u10)
Wed 21-Mar 6:40 PM 7:40 PM Red 06 & 07 Cap Wolves (u12)
Thu 22-Mar 7:10 PM 8:10 PM Red 06 & 07 Pee Wee (u12) A-L
Thu 22-Mar 8:20 PM 9:20 PM Red 06 & 07 Pee Wee (u12) M-Z
Fri 23-Mar 7:10 PM 8:10 PM Red 08 & 09 Squirt (u10) A-L
Fri 23-Mar 8:20 PM 9:20 PM Red 08 & 09 Squirt (u10) M-Z
Mon 26-Mar 5:30 PM 6:30 PM Red 10 & 11 Mites (u8)
Mon 26-Mar 6:40 PM 7:40 PM Red 06 & 07 PeeWee (u12) Group 1
Mon 26-Mar 7:50 PM 8:50 PM Red 06 & 07 PeeWee (u12) Group 2
Tue 27-Mar 5:30 PM 6:30 PM Red 08 & 09 Squirt (u10) Group 1
Tue 27-Mar 6:40 PM 7:40 PM Red 08 & 09 Squirt (u10) Group 2
Wed 28-Mar 5:30 PM 6:30 PM Red All Goalies All Goalies (MT, SQ, PW)
Wed 28-Mar 6:40 PM 7:40 PM Blue 06 & 07 PeeWee (u12) Group 2
Wed 28-Mar 7:50 PM 8:50 PM Red 06 & 07 PeeWee (u12) Group 1
Thu 29-Mar 5:30 PM 6:30 PM Red 10 & 11 Mites (u8)
Thu 29-Mar 6:40 PM 7:40 PM Red 08 & 09 Squirt (u10) Group 2
Thu 29-Mar 7:50 PM 8:50 PM Red 08 & 09 Squirt (u10) Group 1
Mon 16-Apr 6:40 PM 7:40 PM Red 04 & 05 Bantam (u14) A-L
Mon 16-Apr 7:50 PM 8:50 PM Red 04 & 05 Bantam (u14) M-Z
Mon 16-Apr 9:00 PM 10:00 PM Red 04 & 05 Cap Wolves (u14/u16/u19)
Tue 17-Apr 6:40 PM 7:40 PM Red 04 & 05 Cap Wolves (u14/u16/u19)
Tue 17-Apr 7:50 PM 8:50 PM Red 04 & 05 Bantam (u14) Group 1
Tue 17-Apr 9:00 PM 10:00 PM Red 04 & 05 Bantam (u14) Group 2
Thu 19-Apr 5:30 PM 6:30 PM Red Goalies Bantam Goalies
Thu 19-Apr 6:40 PM 7:40 PM Red 04 & 05 Bantam (u14) Group 2
Thu 19-Apr 7:50 PM 8:50 PM Red 04 & 05 Bantam (u14) Group 1
Thu 19-Apr 9:00 PM 10:00 PM Red 04 & 05 Cap Wolves (u14/u16/u19)

by posted 02/01/2018
CCYHA Bantam Pre Tryout Skills

Due to a USA Hockey rule, bantam (u14) tryouts cannot start until 72 hours after USA Hockey Nationals conclude. Unfortunately that puts us into school vacation week so bantam (u14) tryouts will be April 16, April 17 and April 19

In preparation for tryouts, we will be providing two hours of ice per week for any bantam age player to keep their skills sharp.

These sessions will have CCYHA coaches running a variety of skill drills and small area games.

These sessios will be posted shortly.

by posted 02/01/2018
CT Werewolves Spring Hockey
See below regarding CT Werewolves spring hockey. This is not affiliated with CCYHA, please direct all questions to Rob Polo at

 Clinic Style Practice
7 Games in South Windsor Spring League
1 Tournament in Marlboro, MA 4/13-4/15
Jersey and Socks
Team Apparel
Team BBQ

All programs are open to boys and girls
Full Ice Mites
Pee Wee
Mite Cross Ice
8 Cross Ice Games in West Hartford
Team Apparel
Approximate dates 4/2 - 5/8
 Wolflings - Mite Development 
6 Station Based Practices in West Hartford
Team Apparel
Approximate dates 4/2 - 5/8

by posted 01/30/2018
CCYHA Selects @ South Kent Tryouts for u18, u16 and 15

by posted 01/11/2018
Jingle Bell Recap

Mite A:

The Mite A team had a great time at the tournament with 7 of its players playing in their first Jingle Bell Tournament.  Our Mite travel veterans including Tyson, Gavin, Nick, Nate, Paxton and Joe returned to the tournament for the Jingle Bell’s first ever cross ice Mite division.  First time Jingle Bell players Tommy, Jack, Liam and Cason played great, showing our opponents that the Mite A’s were there to play.  Our two “minor” players Luke and Braden played equally hard and well represented the 2010 birth year.  And lastly our goalie Christian played exceptional with the least goals against in the Mite A division of the tournament.  Although this is Christian’s first full year in the crease, he played the Jingle Bell Tourney like he’s been in the net for years.  The Mite A team played extremely hard winning their first five games and going into the championship game as the top seeded team. 

The Championship game was a nail bitter with the puck traveling end to end throughout the game.  Both net minders played exceptional.  This game had to be one of the most physical Mite games at the Jingle Bell Tourney.  At one point our bench doubled as a triage unit with three of our players bruised, feeling the effects of an extremely physical Riverhawks Team.  Emotions were flying high throughout the game by both the players and fans alike.  In the end, our Mite A team took runner-up in the Mite A division losing 3-2 to the Riverhawks.  Our boys played hard both at the rink and in the hotel.  A great time was had by the kids and parents.  The coaching staff of the Mite A team is extremely proud of our players and how they handled themselves throughout the tournament.

Mite B:

 The Hive was Buzzing with excitement as the Mite Bees came swarming into Marlborough for the JBT.

  It all started with Wild Bill and his “Intel Report” which was emailed to the coaching staff before every game.  Wild Bill recruited a new member to our staff so he could continue to gather intel.  Kevin “Our Lucky Charm” Fink dropped our score/intel book on the ice five times in the first period of our first game. Oh Kevin, we love you buddy.  

  The Bees lead by 3 Power house players Quinn “Watch Me Finish” not only back checked but scored from every angle ripping pucks past goalies. Mikey “Five Hole” Casparino had goalies shaking in their skates with his hard skating and sniper like shooting, forehand, backhand, before the buzzer, after the whistle, he just kept bringing it.  Who needs to build a Wall – “I am the Wall” Nate played with cat like reflexes batting, kicking, and swatting pucks.  He covered so well there wasn’t a single rebound scored.   These young men took to the ice and did what leaders do. They lead by example, working hard and doing the little things so the big things could eventually happen.   

  The Bees exceeded expectations going 7 – 0 to take home what felt like the Stanley Cup Championship!  Having started slow in our first three games, the Villain “Alexis Luthor” got us going with goals to awaken the Hive.  Every time the Villain scored it proved to be the kiss of death for the opposing team.  Bruno “I pass lasers up the seam, in the slot, or off your face” put a on a display all weekend skating with his head up and finding the right pass every time.  Outstanding physical defensive play from Nolan “The Punisher” Greenwell who never got beat (probably because the other teams knew better).  My man, “The Maxanian Devil” surprised even himself with his ability all weekend, spinning and twirling having full control of the puck all game, every game.  Ryan “I can do it all” Pace was asked to play both Defense and Offense.  He delivered at the most crucial point of any game – when mom was recording of course – and roofed it from his knees! Love it!

  Let’s not forget our Mighty Mites, next year’s returning players.  Lead by “No Quit” Griff who is so driven he scores more from his belly than his feet! Diving for every puck, jumping over players, and finding the net.  Tyson “My gloves are red to help you see my hands” dangled around opposing players at will, making the right play every time.  My boy Tyler, “I might be young but I am still faster than you” was at the door ready to swarm the puck and get it up to his fellow Bees waiting at the net.  Lastly, The Legend of Maximus, he did not leave a wake of bodies lying on the ice every game but left whole teams wishing they never started what they couldn’t finish.

  Congratulations to the team and a BIG thank you to our Mite Bee family for a wonderful weekend and the greatest support!  Shot out to Wild Bill’s Beautiful staff, Queen and South End for again putting together the gift bags and door hangers.一 -10' ; ! GUEST

Squirt A:

The Squirt A team has played a very tough schedule all year long, and has risen to the challenge all season. They welcomed the Christmas holiday and a nice break from the grind. December was an especially tough month with a trip to Maine to face some very talented EJEPL teams, and then they entered the toughest part of their CHC schedule in December with games against some of the top ranked CHC Squirt teams.

The Squirt A’s had a great Jingle Bell tournament and turned the page to January with solid play all weekend. They came out flying on Saturday afternoon against the Total Athletics Seahawks.  The line of Jack Petronio, Tyson Jarvis, and Dom DiCioccio put in 2 of the 4 goals in the first period and the Squirt A’s cruised to an 8-1 victory.

On Sunday afternoon, the well rested team played the Troy Albany Titans. Our team clearly prefers PM starts and again came out fast. They outhustled and outplayed the Titans, with the Mark Sadak, Crash McHugh, Torin McGoldrick line teaming up to put us ahead with 3 goals in the second period. The Capitals never looked back and finished with a 7-2 win.

On New Year’s Eve night, the boys were having a great time running around the hotel, but they all agreed to get to bed at a decent hour to be ready for the next day.

Our first early morning game on Monday was a matchup against the Grundy Senators from the Philly area. This turned out to be a physical contest, as the Grundy team intended to intimidate the Squirt A’s. They didn’t realize we’ve been playing physical games all season, and both teams took advantage of the fact that you’d almost need to murder someone to have a penalty called in this tournament. The Nik Allan, Jake Anastasiades, Tommy Finley line hooked up for our first 2 goals, and the Capitals held on for a hard fought 4-3 win.

The Caps went 3-0 and earned the 1 seed, with a rematch against the Grundy Senators in the Championship game. The game was a thriller, but as we’ve found with this season’s tough schedule, beating a solid team twice on the same day is not easy. The Squirt A’s finished as the runner up with a 3-2 Senators victory on New Year’s Day.

Our 4 defensemen, Josh Beaudoin, Drew Matthews, Camden Sharkevich, and Dom Trolio played stellar D all tournament long and were involved in multiple scoring plays. The D and our goalie Shane Smith only allowed 9 goals over the four game run, so the kids should be proud of how they played. The Squirt A’s showed they are ready to finish this season strong.


Squirt A1:

The Central Squirt A1 team rolled into Marlboro with a commanding 5-0 victory over the Duxbury Dragons.  This win represented goaltender Owen Doty’s first career shutout.  Saturday afternoon brought up a battle with the North Shore Stars with the Stars winning a close, hard fought game 1-0.  Sunday afternoon featured a matchup of two CT foes as Central and South Windsor faced off.  Central came out slow but poured it on throughout the game and came away with a 10-0 victory assuring themselves of the two seed and a semifinal matchup with Twin City.  After all the festivities Sunday night into Monday, the A1’s came away with a 3-2 victory and a berth in the finals against the CT Snipers.  The Snipers came out firing on Monday afternoon and took a 2-0 lead early, but the A1’s did not back down and came back to tie it in the second period at 2-2.  The Snipers took a 3-2 to the third period and it remained that way until the Snipers put home a late power play goal with just over a minute to go.  The A1’s played hard throughout but came away runners-up in a 4-2 loss.  A great weekend of play and fun for our players, coaches, and parents!  Happy New Year!


Squirt B:

Squirt B went 1-2 in the tournament, but we had our best win of the season against South Windsor who we had previously lost to, and played one of our best games of the season in a loss to a strong Massachusetts team.  Overall, a great experience for the kids on and off the ice as they worked hard and had fun, and a great foundation for the second half of the season.


Squirt B1:

The Central Squirt B1's entered the newly expanded New England Sports center at the always friendly time of 6:50am for their first test within the Squirt C division against South Windsor Squirt C.  Even with the early start the team was well prepared and took back a 5 - 1 win to the hotel.  The Squirt B1's wouldn't see their next opponent for 36 hours, but took care of business winning their second game 4 - 0 over the Southern Stars Squirt B's.  The third game of the tournament matched the B1's against the Northern Lights U10 Maroon team, where they walked away with an 8-0 win and their second shutout of the tournament.  Going 3 - 0 in round robin play locked in a Championship game with a match up against the Northwest Icehawks Squirt B's.  The squirt B1's took the ice with pure determination to bring home Central a Championship win over the recurring Central vs Northwest Jingle Bell finals matchup.  In the championship game the B1's fought hard to a 5-3 win over Northwest and enjoyed a well deserved glove throwing celebration.  


Squirt C:


Central Squirt C entered the Jingle Bell Skate Tournament with only half their team due to illness, work and or family commitments only six players were able to make the trip. Ryan Centurelli, Rylan Colaianni, Lakeisha (Layla) Exantus, Jack McDougall, Rowan Shanski, and Dillon Torneo and to round out the team roster we had three Capital Wolves 10U players join us for the tournament. Margo Weske, Betty Weske, Evelyn (Cupcake) Kelly and a Capital Wolves 10U goalie, Megan Dolan, also from the Capital Wolves 10U team, Coach Paul Weske stepped in as a coach.

The Team had only a couple of practices together, all ten players quickly got to know each other on and off the ice. Coach Paul didn’t waste anytime, going right for his dry-erase board he was able to speak to the players about forward and defensive positions as well as pre game warm-ups. The players knew what to except before taking the ice.

The Team went 1-2 for the tournament working very hard together.

Sunday 12/31 the team played the fist of two games this one against Southern Stars losing 0-5.  Second game that afternoon, a win 1-0 Megan gets the shutout against Girls Northern Lights 10U. Monday 01/01/2018 playing their last game a loss against a very good South Windsor team 1-7.

Thank you to both Jeff Shanski and Mark Centruelli for their help on the bench and input with the team and to our manager Lisa Torneo keeping everyone on the same page, making sure every player had a jersey and number and getting our team together on and off the ice.


PeeWee A:

The Pee Wee A's received a great draw as far as game times. There were no early mornings which allowed for plenty of hotel time. The weekend kicked off with a game on Saturday afternoon with Framingham. The A's came out flying en route to a 9-0 win. We are not sure it was the long Christmas break, or an over exertion of energy back at the hotel, but the A's were a bit sluggish in their evening game on Saturday resulting in a 2-0 loss to Northwestern. The team had plenty of time to rest, recover and think about a new strategy as their next game would not be until Sunday at 6:20pm. The A's came out on fire again and beat a very physical Grundy team by a score of 2-0, clinching a spot in the crossovers the next morning. After a late night in the atrium, the boys awoke to -3 on the thermostat, but it didn't phase them. They once again showed great effort and beat the same Northwestern team from a couple of days earlier by a score of 3-0. They had clinched a spot in the Championship game. Next up was the North Shore Stars, a team made up of players from different teams north of Boston. It was an extremely physical and fast paced game. At the end of regulation, the score was tied 1-1. We headed to overtime and could not settle it in the first. In Double OT, the Stars slipped one by the A's to clinch the victory. The boys skated off with their heads held high from a great effort. They are already looking forward to their next tournament. 


PeeWee A1:

PeeWee B:


PeeWee B1:

The PW B1 rolled into the Jingle Bell tournament determined to end a three game losing streak leading into the Christmas break.  The team came out on fire and rolled through the round robin play with 4 straight wins out scoring our opponents 17-8 in the process.  In the New Year’s Day semi-finals the team faced a fired up team from Woonsocket and quickly dispatched our neighbors to the East with a resounding 5-1 victory.  The finals pitted Central versus the Northwestern PWB Ice Hawks.  After falling behind 1-0 early in the second period, Central battled back to tie the game late in the third.   After 36 minutes of play the score remained tied.   The first sudden death overtime period of 4 vs 4 hockey was scoreless despite multiple chances at both ends of the ice.  The second OT was played 3 vs 3 and the Central kids played with every ounce of energy they had left in their bodies, but just could not get the 3 inch puck into the 4X6 foot opposition’s net.  The Ice Hawks scored late in the second overtime.  Despite the disappointment of finishing as a runner up, the coaching staff could not have been more proud of how our team competed and represented the Capitals organization.


PeeWee B2:

The Central Capitals PeeWee B2 team fought hard during the first Jingle Bell Skate Tournament game against the Woonsocket North Stars PeeWee Norris team. First to score in the game and then tying the North Stars with 4 minutes left in the 3rd period, the team never gave up. Unfortunately, this game ended in a 3-2 loss. The team's second game was against its local CHC rival, the South Windsor Knights PeeWee C team. Whenever these two teams are matched-up, fans are guaranteed an exciting game to watch. Scoreless until 24 seconds left in the 2nd period, the Central Capitals PeeWee B2 team stayed in this nail-biting game. So close to a loss at the end of the third period, Head Coach Sergei decided to pull the goalie and added a 6th player on the ice. The 6th player, Jeffrey Thebeau, scored with 1 second left in the game to tie the Knights, 2-2. The third game of the tournament was also hard fought against the Warwick Wave, but ended in another loss, 2-1. Even though the team did not advance to the finals, the players made their coaches, parents and family members proud of how they played. Lastly, goalie Ethan DelGrego, played amazing in all of the tournament games!


Bantam A1:


Bantam B:

by posted 01/10/2018
EJEPL All Stars

CCYHA would like to congratulate Dylan Rovetti (PeeWee A) and Owen McGoldrick (Bantam A) on being selected to participate in the EJEPL All Star Game to be held on Monday January 15th at Norwalk. Both players are well deserving of this of luck to both in the game.

by posted 01/09/2018
CCYHA / West Hartford Girls Hockey (Capital Wolves)

We are incredibly excited about the first season of the Capital Wolves, and how fast it has taken off.  For those who may not know, we created a girls program last Spring by combining the efforts of both West Hartford and Central.  This season we have nearly 70 girls skating across multiple levels, and have seen both real development/growth on the ice as well as teams competing at high levels - with one tournament championship and another runner-up finish already under our belts.  We're looking forward to seeing the teams put it together for the stretch run.
As we start planning for next season for both organizations, we wanted to share some additional information about the Capital Wolves (below), as well as extend an offer. The coaches for the Capital Wolves will be extending an offer to any age-eligible girls in the Central and West Hartford associations to participate in some upcoming practices, and will be also organizing an all-girls skills clinic in February, run by IPH with support of Capital Wolves coaches.  This is a great opportunity for girls in our programs to meet some other players and get a sense for what the Capital Wolves are all about.  Stay tuned for invites from the coaches in the near future.  
In the meantime, visit to learn more, or contact
Thank you!
About the Capital Wolves...
- The Capital Wolves are a girls hockey organization, run through both the West Hartford and Central Youth Hockey Associations.  The organization was founded to take advantage of the 
numbers of girl players in both organizations, with the goal of developing area skaters on teams with like-skilled players, offering developmental and competitive travel teams.  
- This is the first season of the Capital Wolves, with nearly 70 girls skating across 5 teams representing the U10, U12, U14, and U16 levels.
- The organization follows the same ice-time practice/game patterns as their parent organization, with cost-structures to match.  The Capital Wolves have offered clinics throughout the season as part of the cost structure, including ProCrease, Sasha, IPH, Robby Glantz, and Bryan Healy.
- The teams skate out of the same rinks as both West Hartford and Central, predominantly Newington Arena, Veteran's, and Trinity.   
- The Capital Wolves wear their own uniforms and have a unique logo, with colors representative of the parent organizations.
- For the 2018-2019 season the organization is setting the goal of extending to a 6th team, enabling us to best balance skills across A and B teams.  

by posted 01/09/2018
Former CCYHA player, Dakota McMahon, commits to D1 Sacred Heart

Congratulations to former CCYHA player, Dakota McMahon, on her recent commitment to play division I college hockey at Sacred Heart University. I had the pleasure to coach Dakota for several years and her work ethic and attitude have been rewarded.  Best of luck and congratulations to Dakota!

by posted 01/02/2018
Future Fitness RockFit Bootcamp at Newington Arena


Central Youth Hockey Parents!

RockFit Bootcamp is coming home to Future Fitness Pro in Newington. 
We will now be offering morning and evening classes.

All classes are functional safe and as intense as you make it.

Join us for the start of the New Year and let the Pros help you get 2018 off and Running!

  • Great Class Times
  • BMI Assessments
  • Workout while your son or daughter is playing
  • Lose the extra Holiday Pounds
  • Workout with great people with the similar goals

Contact us today to sign up or try a FREE CLASS.

Class Schedule – on web site

by posted 12/30/2017
CCYHA PW B1 runner up at Avon Thanksgiving Tournament

Congratulations to our CCYHA PeeWee B1 team on finishing runner up at the Avon Thanksgiving Tournament. The PW B1's went 2-0-1 in the opening round beating West Hartford 4-0, Western Mass Wizards 8-1 and tying Avon.  In the semi-finals the PW B1's beat Western Mass Wizards 7-3 to earn a spot in Finals.  The PW B1's lost a hard fought battle against Greater New Haven 4-1.  Congrats to the kids and coaches on a great tournament.

by posted 11/28/2017
CCYHA Bantam B featured on Gotta Love CT Hockey

The Central CT Capitals Bantam B team was featured on the lastest webisode of Gotta Love CT Hockey. Please check out the episode at the following link:


by posted 11/27/2017
CCYHA PW A makes donation to Hurricane Relief

The CCYHA PeeWee A team has been holding several fundraising events over the past few months to raise money for their teams trip to Lake Placed to participate in a tournament. In light of the recent Hurricane crisis, the PeeWee A team has decided to donate $1,584.83 to the American Red Cross Hurricane Relief. Thank you to the coaches, parents and players for this very generous donation to a worthy cause.

by posted 11/27/2017
2017 CCYHA 3v3 Pond Hockey Turkey Shootout

The 6th annual CCYHA 3 vs 3 Pond Hockey Turkey Shootout was a huge success with a record 183 current and former CCYHA players competing in our annual night before Thanksgiving event. 132 games were played in 5 age divisions. A huge thank you to Doug Partridge for spending countless hours the week prior to and during the event to ensure that eveything ran smoothly. Thank you, also, to Kim Partridge and Paul Cholewa for their support before and during the event. And finally thank you to the numerous volunteers who assisted throughout the evening. 


Winners from the 2017 CCYHA 3v3 Turkey Shootout:


Cup: Fury: Tyler Beaudoin, Michael Casparino, Soren Walsh
Plate: Beavers: Jack Fradin, Liam Hogan, Braden Linskey
Bowl: Hellions: Bruno Begazo, Gavin Power, Nathan Rydecki
Cup: Fury: Josh Beaudoin, Riley Doty, Lola Espiritosanto
Plate: Beavers: Alex Botelho, Parker Gammons, Mason Parker
Bowl: Gangsters: Braden Drapea, Will Morgan, Matthew Schneider
Shield: Eels: Jason Backman, Emily Schneider, Amy Wall
Pee Wees
Cup Aliens: Leila Espiritosanto, Michael Prestash, Colin Reilly
Plate: Iguanas: Jude Exantus, Jordan Hopping, Brady Quinn
Bowl: Cougars: Seth Cholewa, Wade Crowther, Chuck Blanchard
Shield: Lunatics: Varya Atsian, Kyle Klimas, Jack Millen
Cup: Eels: Zack Caporale, John Kelly, Will McCarter
Plate: Demons: AJ Guzzardi, TJ Mayfield, Jay Socha
Bowl: Fury: Teddy Crowther, Roman Ghirlanda, Alex Rodriguez
Cup: Gangsters, Victor Czerneckianair, Ryan Drust, Kayden Hinchey
Plate: Demons: Adam Bradshaw, Jack Holl, Michael Schneider 
Bowl: Hellions: Sean Gilland, Matt Lavoie, Brendan Slack

by posted 11/16/2017
CCYHA SHA Tier 1 U15 & U16 New Regional Champions

The CCYHA Selects Hockey Academy at South Kent Tier 1 U15 and U16 teams won their respective New England Regional Championships and both will advance to the USA Hockey Tier 1 National Championships in April.

The U15 team (#4 in the country) beat Yale Jr Bulldogs U15 Tier 1 in the final by a score of 4-0. Along with the CCYHA winning team, we were well represented in the game with former CCYHA players, Cam Partridge and Cam Grillo, playing on the Yale team as well.

The U16 team (#9 in the country) also beat Yale Jr Bulldogs U16 Tier 1 in the final by a score of 2-0.

Congratulations to both teams and best of luck at Nationals in April.

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Live Barn - CCYHA Discount Code

Capitals Families,
You can watch games Live and On Demand with LiveBarn! In addition to Newington Arena, take a look at these other Connecticut rinks that are part of the LiveBarn network:
Chelsea Piers
Danbury Ice Arena (coming soon)
Darien Ice House
Dorothy Hamill Skating Rink
East Haven
Edward Bennett West Haven
Enfield Twin Rinks
Greenwich Skating Club Outdoor Rink
Louis Astorino Hamden (coming soon)
Milford Ice Pavilion
Northford Ice Pavilion
South Windsor (coming soon)
Stamford Twin Rinks (coming soon)
The Rinks at Shelton (coming soon)
Veterans Memorial West Hartford

LiveBarn is also installed in a number of EJEPL rinks. For a complete list of LiveBarn venues, click here.
LiveBarn allows family & friends to follow along with the action from their mobile device, tablet or computer either Live or at a more convenient time.  When you subscribe to LiveBarn, you can stream and share unlimited video from any LiveBarn venue for $14.95/month, and may cancel at any time.  
Use PROMO CODE: 7e75-b595 for a 10% discount on your monthly subscription!
Click here to view LiveBarn’s Top 10 Plays from the 2016-17 Season.
Please contact   if you have any questions.  For more information or to sign up, visit

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USA Hockey Rule Changes for 2017-2018

Some very important rule changes have been accepted for the 2017-2018 season:

1. All face-offs can only take place on one of the 9 dots on the ice

2. If a shot is taken and hits a post or crossbar and goes out of play, the face-off stays in the attacking zone

3. ICING IS NOW PROHIBITED ON A PENALTY KILL.  Icing the puck while short handed will result in a whistle and a face-off to take place in the defending teams zone.

by posted 08/22/2017
Presidents Welcome Letter 2017-2018

President’s Welcome Letter – 2017-2018 CCYHA Season

Hello, and I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. This will be my ninth year as President of Central CT Youth Hockey and I am so proud to see the growth and success at all levels of our program. I know this is quite long, but it has some very important information in it, so please read.

In just a few weeks we will start our conditioning ice prior to the official start of the season. Please check the master schedule as it has been updated with conditioning ice and practices.

To our returning CCYHA families, welcome back. To our new CCYHA families, welcome to the program. I hope that you find Central to be your home organization for a long time to come. We are always excited to welcome new families and to watch our program grow as much as it has.

Central Connecticut Youth Hockey (CCYHA) is looking forward to another strong year at all levels. Our program is the largest travel organization in Connecticut and our success is built on the hard work and dedication from our Board Members, coaches, and parents who are dedicated and willing to provide their children an opportunity to play this great sport of hockey. Every year our players prove to have a strong work ethic and a desire to improve every time they step on the ice. It is our hope that this is the most successful year for all of our members on and off the ice. The sport is a great release from the everyday grind and the friendships developed through hockey are second to none.

Newington Arena:

We have worked very hard to get the best possible ice slots for all of our teams while also continuing with our goal of keeping consistent nights and times which has been very well received by the membership. With the number of teams we have at Central, this is no easy task. Newington Arena has partnered with us to ensure that the rink will remain a clean and safe environment for our members.

A mini-rink will be built with the planned open date of December 1st which can provide a home for our House League, Mites, and provide extra ice for us to run weekly skills clinics.

Hockey 1 Pro Shop from South Windsor Arena will once again run the pro shop at Newington Arena. We recommend you use them for your hockey purchases. Steve, at the Newington Arena Grill, will once again be open for us. He has been a very strong supporter of our program so please support him.


Our division directors will be working with team coaches/managers/schedulers on scheduling games for our teams for the upcoming season. Each team will be challenged appropriately and our goal of seeing development throughout the organization should be reached through challenging practices and a competitive game schedule.

Season Opening Faceoff Party – Saturday September 9th from 9:00am to 1:00pm:

CCYHA will be hosting our seventh annual Season Opening Faceoff Party on Saturday September 9th at Newington Arena. In addition to all the fun events that we will have planned, we will also have a second warm up suit fitting for any players looking to order a warm up suit as well as a second uniform fitting for any players who may need new uniforms. We are putting together various activities to make this day fun for everyone. We will be having an open skate, equipment swap, a shooting contest (with prizes), bounce houses in the parking lot, a barbecue, more…….


In season events:

Other events that we have planned throughout the season are our Annual Dinner Dance and Auction (to be held in November) and our Annual Coaches vs Coaches game (date tbd). CCYHA (all of our travel teams) will once again be participating in the Jingle Bell Tournament in Marlboro, MA from December 29 to January 1. This is a great opportunity to keep all of our families together over the holidays. The Jingle Bell Tournament is the only one, that I know of, that could accommodate our entire program. It is always a fun couple of days when we take over the Embassy Suites. I will be setting up the room blocks and you will be receiving an email in November to reserve your rooms.

CCYHA Helmet Program:

In continuing with our previous sponsorship through CT Childrens Medical Center’s Injury Prevention Center and Kohl’s Tween Safe Program, Central CT Youth Hockey will once again be outfitting our travel players with the Reakt helmet for the upcoming season.  Any new player to CCYHA or new travel player will be receiving their helmet in early September.

Partnership with Future Fitness:

CCYHA has partnered with Future Fitness at Newington Arena and they will be providing weekly off ice training for our bantam aged players throughout the season.

Partnership with ProCrease:

CCYHA has also partnered with ProCrease goaltender training for the upcoming season. ProCrease will be on the ice at two practices per month for each team to work with our goaltenders. ProCrease works with many youth goaltenders as well as high school, junior and college goalies.

Partnership with Hartford Wolfpack:

Keep an eye on the CCYHA website throughout the season as many of our teams (travel, house and learn to play) participate in events before, during and after Hartford Wolfpack games at the XL Center in Hartford. The Hartford Wolfpack are strong supporters of youth programs in the community.

Skill Development Sessions with Laura Stamm Powerskating:

CCYHA will have Laura Stamm Powerskating running skills sessions during the season. The first time they will be in is October 10 and 11. Laura Stamm is a world renowned powerskating instructor.

CCYHA Online Store:

The CCYHA online store will be run by Hamden Sports. They will have several order dates and emails will go out with that information

CCYHA Midget Tier 1 Teams:

For the sixth year, CCYHA has partnered with South Kent Prep School – Selects Hockey Academy to host their split season midget teams. We will be fielding U15, U16 Midget Minor and U18 Midget Major Tier 1 teams. These teams are comprised of some of the best players from all over the US, Canada and Europe. Please check our master schedule on our website for the games that these teams are playing in Newington Arena as you will have a chance to see a very high level of hockey. These teams competed quite well at the Tier 1 USA National Championships last season and finished ranked in the top 10 in the country.


Our Squirt A, PeeWee A, and Bantam A teams will be competing in the EJEPL, in addition to CHC. The EJEPL is made up of teams from all down the east coast spanning Maine to Florida. This league will provide an added challenge for our A teams.

Capital Wolves Girls Program:

We partnered with West Hartford Youth Hockey to form a girls program that will compete in CHC and the CGHL. We feel that this will provide girls in our program a local home throughout their youth hockey years.

CCYHA House League:

With the continued growth of our House League, last season CCYHA purchased a set of cross ice boards from Becker Arena Products. These boards go across the red line and form two curved rinks on each side of the red line. This will give the players the feel of a real game environment in a cross ice setting and was received quite well by our house league players last year. The house league continues to be a strong asset for our program.

CCYHA Learn To Play:

Each year our Learn to Play program grows and develops the future of our program. Over the past several years, the program has grown to new heights providing a mix of teaching and fun with the goal to provide these young players with the fundamentals of skating and playing hockey. This program kicks off in October.

CCYHA Board of Directors:

If you have any questions throughout the season, the appropriate members of the Board can be found under the contacts section of our website Our board is made up of a great cast of volunteers, and as always, I would like to thank them for their commitment. Our Board is comprised of the following individuals:


Anthony Giusto (President)

Doug Partridge (VP of Development & Coaching)

Aaron Odell (Registrar)

Rob Adduci (VP Admin & Ice)

Matt Peary (Treasurer)

Dan McClutchy (VP of Fundraising)

Traci Lynn Fox (Secretary)

Paul Cholewa (Tournament Director)

OPEN (Learn to Play Director

Rob DeFilio (House League Director)

Mike Deegan (Mite Director)

Val Calciano (Squirt Director)

Andy Prestash (PeeWee Director)

Bob Patz (Bantam Director)

Bill Ralph (Midget Director)

Marc Labrie (Girls Director)


If you have questions throughout the season, please contact the appropriate board member.

When you see a title next to a board member’s name, know that a lot of hours are contributed from that member to make our program what it is.

Please make sure your kids are continually thanking their coaches as all are volunteers and give a lot of their time to help develop your kids. Finally, thank you to the parents who sacrifice so much during the hockey season so that your children can play this wonderful sport of hockey.

Best wishes for a great rest of the summer and a very successful 2017- 2018 hockey season. LET’S GO CAPS!


Anthony Giusto (Juice)

CCYHA President

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